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About Us

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Infused Jewellery was born out of struggle and hardship.

The power of love and transformation.

And the unique healing power of Reiki.


Founder Kerrie Graham discovered Reiki during one of the most difficult times in her life and has never looked back after introducing this powerful ancient practice into her everyday life.

Image by Haley Phelps

Life can be tough at the best of times. We aim to help women - just like you - align with their spiritual side and discover the healing power of Reiki. Now more than ever do we need more love & light in our lives.

Our jewellery

Our stunning pieces are uniquely-designed and personally infused with the healing Reiki energy of Kerrie - a fully certified Reiki Master. 


Our mission

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When I  received my jewellery in the post, I was 100% in love. I could feel the care, love and energy infused in my beautiful necklace.

- Paige
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